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Hello BalloonIn today's world, trade and culture are becoming more globalized.
With more than 6800 languages in the world, language translation and interpreting services are being used in all spheres of daily life, from helping a student to enroll into a new school to interpreting for a corporate executive who has just purchased a new business abroad.

Translating or interpreting from one language to another is truly an art.
And since so much depends on being able to make oneself understood in other languages, we are here to assist you in whatever way we can - to put your words and thoughts into another language with accuracy and clarity, to enable you to know with total confidence that we are communicating precisely what you have in mind.

About Our Philosophy

SoCal Translations was established out of a passion to provide clear communication between people of different languages and cultural origins residing in Southern California.
Our philosophy is based on outstanding quality and excellent customer service. Headquartered in San Diego, we have friendly and professional freelance translators standing by to assist you with Russian and English translations.

Lada Shepherd

    Lada Shepherd

  • Founder and CEO
  • Masters in English
  • Russian Translations
  • Over 10 Years Experience

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Business, Certified and Notarized Translations in the counties of San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Imperial, and the lower half of San Bernardino. Medical Interpetations in San Diego.

SoCal Translations

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